DBO WARE Pitcher

$ 80.00

In stock and ready to ship (quantities limited)

Our fluted porcelain pitcher fits both our modern and farmhouse style needs.  The raw porcelain on the outside is tactile and the gloss glaze on the inside and over the spout is practical.  Perfect.  Tall, slender ready for margaritas...or pisco sours...since they were handmade for us by amazing artisans in Peru.  We also love them as a vases...just saying.

This is from our DBO WARE collection which was made in small batches...and this is the last batch.  So get them while you can.

 Dimensions:  10"H x 3.5"W

Our ceramics are handcrafted from durable, high quality porcelain. Our glazes are food safe and lead free. 

Dishwasher safe.