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Magical Winter Minimalism Tastemakers Table by Kate McCann and David Prince, featuring minimalist white ceramic pitcher and black ceramic bowls on concrete background with wood and branches

Kate McCann + David Prince: Magical Winter Minimalism

In the depths of winter, nature’s palette is a simple monochrome of white and grey.  Bare trees and never ending snow can be somber, leaving us aching for spring. Here, interior designer and prop stylist Kate McCann teamed up with long time creative partner photographer David Prince, to show us how to embrace the stillness. The magic of winter’s minimalism.  
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Community Table with Dane Tashima: Gather

Community Table with Dane Tashima: Gather

For our summer edition of the Tastemakers' Table we collaborated with photographer Dane Tashima and Chef Paul Pearson of Community Table to inspire you to gather your family and friends around a big table and delight them with a meal composed of seasonal offerings while at the same time keep it comfy and relaxed.
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Johnny Fogg + Katja Greeff: Simplify

Johnny Fogg + Katja Greeff: Simplify

Our latest Tastemakers’ Table collaboration is a celebration of the changing of seasons and the idea that less is more. Here, photographer Johnny Fogg and stylist Katja Greeff show us how a few special pieces can make a big impact. And we agree,  a favorite bowl, a unique vase, it’s not about quantity it’s about quality.

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Tastemakers' Table Curated Collection

To celebrate our new Tastemakers' Table story with interior designer/prop stylist Kate McCann and photographer David Prince, we've got a curated selection of made to order and one-of-a-kind pieces they chose specially priced for a limited time


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