DBO HOME Artisan Handmade Luxury Ceramics | Birdseye view of Dana Brandwein in her Litchfield Country Connecticut studio using a sponge to smooth an in-process oval serveware piece, surrounded by tools and work materials


What to do when something you consider beautiful, someone else might consider flawed?  In our case we embrace the "flaw" and turn it into the most distinctive attribute. This season we rescued a range of pieces from potential waste giving them renewed significance through various eco-conscious techniques.

Porcelain objects, once discarded due to minor cracks, have been thoughtfully restored with shimmering hand-hammered copper staples, while a few more have received the royal treatment with intricate hand gilding by master gilder Carol Leskanic, adding an extra layer of opulence to their unique stories.  And yet another group were turned into delicious candles poured by our friends at Night Space (it's their best selling Forest fragrance - perfect for the season).  

This graceful blend of craftsmanship and environmental responsibility not only revives each porcelain creation that was destined for the bin, but also redefines the very essence of beauty within imperfections.

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