Welcome to the Tastemakers' Table

These stories are expressions of the tastemakers’ themselves, showing off their own style, their point of view in their own way. Each tastemaker has chosen a few DBO HOME pieces to compliment their own glassware, flatware, linens etc. The images are here to take you into the tastemakers’ world and inspire you to bring our work into yours.

Randazzo & Blau: Life Is Beautiful
This time of the pandemic has ushered in change, profoundly affecting how we work, with whom we socialize, where we live. It has been a challenge but there are ways in which it’s also been galvanizing and liberating. In 2020, Steven Randazzo and Bette Blau, life partners and creative collaborators, found rare free time to reassess and refocus.
Kat Hammill + Chelsy Mitchell: Paris On The Hudson
I met Kat years ago when she was a Design Director at West Elm. Together we collaborated on a few collections of ceramic vases and tableware for the brand. As kindred spirits our friendship has grown over the years and our desire to work together hasn’t faded. Just this year, we collaborated again with a collection of one of a kind candles for her luxurious home fragrance brand Night Space.
Tara Hogan: The Space of Sweetness
June offers robust florals and a charged feeling of momentum as summer stands in the close backdrop. Everyone's mind seems to get very busy and the rush to travel surges through us like a large wave. I am reminded each...
Marcus Hay + Hallie Burton: Unwind
I first came across Dana and Daniel’s beautiful products when I was at Time Inc. / Real Simple Magazine as the Style Director, probably way back in 2006. We bought a whole batch of DBO for our prop cupboard that we stocked especially for photo shoots. DBO fits really well into the magazines aesthetic and was used regularly on our food and lifestyle shoots. It was a joy to use their carefully crafted pieces.
Kate McCann + David Prince: Magical Winter Minimalism
In the depths of winter, nature’s palette is a simple monochrome of white and grey.  Bare trees and never ending snow can be somber, leaving us aching for spring. Here, interior designer and prop stylist Kate McCann teamed up with long time creative partner photographer David Prince, to show us how to embrace the stillness. The magic of winter’s minimalism.  
Community Table with Dane Tashima: Gather
For our summer edition of the Tastemakers' Table we collaborated with photographer Dane Tashima and Chef Paul Pearson of Community Table to inspire you to gather your family and friends around a big table and delight them with a meal composed of seasonal offerings while at the same time keep it comfy and relaxed.
Johnny Fogg + Katja Greeff: Simplify

Our latest Tastemakers’ Table collaboration is a celebration of the changing of seasons and the idea that less is more. Here, photographer Johnny Fogg and stylist Katja Greeff show us how a few special pieces can make a big impact. And we agree,  a favorite bowl, a unique vase, it’s not about quantity it’s about quality.

Mariana Velasquez: Fete In The Woods
Mariana Velasquez is a food stylist with more than a decade styling amongst New York’s most celebrated culinary circles and publications across the globe. A tastemaker who explores the intersection between food, fashion and art, Mariana’s work is an edible canvas where she invites the viewer to eat with their eyes.
Christina Lane + William Geddes: Hot Chocolate
Winter. Short days and cold long nights. A time for reflection and remembering how in our youth we made snowmen out of snowfall and never seemed bothered by the idea of a snow day. This season’s Tastemakers’ Table was created by stylist Christina Lane and photographer William Geddes. I’ll let Christina tell the story…
Raina Kattelson: Cocktails and an Outdoor Movie
In the beautiful Hudson Valley town of Red Hook, New York, stylist Raina Kattelson and her architect husband Robert Butscher have created a home made for entertaining.   For this Tastemakers’ Table story Raina collaborates with photographer Pernille Loof to show us how they party…with cocktails and an outdoor movie.
Megan Pflug: Catskill Mountain Retreat
For this Tastemakers’s Table we bring you a collaboration between creative colleagues who all met when working at One King’s Lane. The story takes place at the Woodhouse Lodge in Greenville, NY.
Zio and Sons: Mixing Old And New
Meet creative couple Anthony D’Argenzio and Hillary Zio. This January, Country Living magazine named Anthony one of “The Country’s 100 Most Creative People”. And Hillary? She is a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers and holds an Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits with the S.W.E.T.
Margo Breznik: Rock Night In
In a beautiful Chicago loft that combines industrial cool with pure romance, our featured Tastemaker Margo Breznik makes an end of the week girls night in a sexy rock n roll fete.
Sarah Smart: Summer Love
Ahhhh, summer. It's finally here. Time to lighten up, get outside and simplify. And to inspire your next dinner party we are so excited to share our summer collaboration with Brooklyn-based stylist Sarah Smart.
Dane Tashima + Emily Rickard: Spontaneous Gathering
With one conversation I felt like I had known photographer Dane Tashima and stylist/ art director Emily Rickard for years. We connected via Instagram and email and finally face to face in New York.  At that moment I felt like I was seeing old friends I hadn't seen in forever though it was our very first meeting.  
Helene Dujardin: Friendsgiving
We met Helene Dujardin through Instagram. Her gorgeous food and lifestyle photography grabbed our attention and we were smitten. Helene is a French expat from Provence who moved to the US in the late 1990s to study history and never left. Living in Charleston, South Carolina, she dedicates herself to the craft of food and lifestyle photography. 
William & Susan Brinson: The Ruralist Modern Table
Daniel and I met William and Susan Brinson while exhibiting at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show a few years ago. We connected instantly sharing passions for design, food, home, entertaining, music and of course, our dogs. We were absolutely thrilled to collaborate with them on the images of our brand which created the platform for our new website.