Johnny Fogg Katja Greeff Simply Tastamkers Table with DBO HOME porcelain pinch bowl with orange flowers and marble block

Johnny Fogg + Katja Greeff: Simplify

It’s April. A time when a few warmer days give us the energy to shake off the trappings of winter, clear out the closets and cupboards and simplify.

Our latest Tastemakers’ Table collaboration is a celebration of the changing of seasons and the idea that less is more. Here, photographer Johnny Fogg and stylist Katja Greeff show us how a few special pieces can make a big impact. And we agree,  a favorite bowl, a unique vase, it’s not about quantity it’s about quality.

In their imagery they focused on balance. And isn’t that what we all need in our lives. The new year may come in January but spring is such a powerfully positive time to stop and find ways to establish balance in your life. 

Johnny offers, “Balance is something that I’m always attracted to, of course the balance within a frame, a composition that holds itself together is satisfying, but I’m also interested in the balance that can be created by asymmetry, a close tension at the edge of a frame or at the intersection of light and shadows.”  He is a student and teacher of Chado, the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony and all of these aspects play heavily into the aesthetics of tea.

Clockwise from the top:  Pinch Large Serving Bowl/ Pinch Large Serving, Pasta and Noodle Bowl, Battuto Dessert Bowl/ Battuto Platter, Dessert and Salad Bowl and Bare Coupe all in mussel.

Katja approached this project with the intention of honoring the artistry of the ceramics again by exploring balance and harmony between light and dark. She played with light and heavy objects and shadow as well as combining strong graphic elements with lyrical botanicals to represent the change of season.

We love the vignettes they created that speak to our mutual attraction to the shapes, textures and colors of nature. 

Clockwise from top: Bare Coupe, Dinner, Salad, Bread Plates and Noodle Bowl in snowflake/Pinch Bud Vase - George/ Bare Pitcher in Mussel/ Battuto Bowl, Bare Noodle and Soup Bowls in Snowflake.

The DBO Home studio is surrounded by nature here in rural Connecticut. We can’t help but be inspired by its beauty. But seeing our work through someone else’s lens gives us a whole new point of view. And it reminds of just how wonderful the change of seasons truly is. And these images in particular inspire us to use our cherished pieces everyday . It’s as simple as a favorite bowl each morning at breakfast or bud vase on the desk with a fresh flower to enhance our lives, simply

Johnny Fogg is a photographer and teacher of Japanese Tea Ceremony living and working in New Your City.  Some of his clients include:  Allied Works for Eleven Madison Park/ Cap Beauty/ Best Made Co./ Martha Steward Living/Keurig

Follow Johnny on instagram  @johnnyfogg and visit his website

Katja Greeff is a Brooklyn based prop and interiors stylist.  She was raised in Europe by trapeze artists in traveling circuses and later Michigan, South Africa and ultimately Alaska.  Her childhood travels shaped her world view.

Some of Katja’s clients include: La Mer, L’Oreal, Vince, OXO, Kiehl’s, Bobbi Brown, Bath and Body Works, Real Simple Magazine and Martha Stewart.

Follow Katja on instagram @katjagreeff and visit her website:

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