Compilation of three photos of handcrafted Oates Guitars on midcentury modern furniture with sheepskins and linen pillows

Oates Guitars

Hand-built guitars by Daniel Oates.

"In 1995 I made my first prototype for my signature hollow-body electric guitar, the “WilloWisp”. After many modifications, I perfected the form and developed consistent building methods, in the pursuit of creating a guitar of exceptional quality, tone and beauty. Hand signed with serial number, Oates Guitars are traditionally built small-bodied semi-acoustic jazz/blues guitars - a distillation of the best features taken from some of the most beloved hollow bodied guitars. Easy playing ability, rich full-bodied tone, classic feel and looks are the hallmark of these guitars. They are customizable in unlimited ways, and can be built to to suit your own unique playing style." - Daniel Oates

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