Celebrating My Mom With Her Paintings
I grew up surrounded by art and music. At the top of the stairs of our Long Island home was a painting studio (at some point it became my brother's room) but we'll focus on it's days as a studio.  I remember the easels, oil paints, both oil and chalk pastels and needlepoint canvases that filled the room.
New Years Citrus and Bitter Greens Salad

Let’s start off 2021 with a refreshing, light salad that is bright, colorful and full of flavor to ring in the new year. This week I got together (safely) with my friend Chef Paul Pearson of The White Hart for a little tutorial on how to assemble a gorgeous citrus salad.

How To Set Your Holiday Dinner Table
Just because our regular holiday plans are out the door doesn't mean we can't celebrate in style. I'm taking a smaller party as an opportunity to create a cozier table, set for comfort and joy - and what better way than to mix and match our favorite creations with soft linens, vintage finds, and family heirlooms.
Fudgy Pudgy Brownie Tart Recipe

The ultimate of all my many brownie recipes deserves a container as delicious as itself. This crisp chocolate cookie crust also serves to keep the outside of the brownie moist and chewy. Unbelievable! - Rose Levy Berenbaum

The DBO HOME Holiday 2020 Gift Guide
Looking for that perfect gift? We've got you covered.