DBO HOME Tastemakers' Table | Tara Hogan: The Space of Sweetness

Tara Hogan: The Space of Sweetness

DBO HOME Tastemakers’ Table | Tara Hogan: The Space of Sweetness featuring Birch Bowls

June offers robust florals and a charged feeling of momentum as summer stands in the close backdrop. Everyone's mind seems to get very busy and the rush to travel surges through us like a large wave. I am reminded each and every day of the importance of creating space daily through my meditation practice. The stillness that is sweet and helps me to create my art and design in a framework of surrender.


Shown from left to right:  Birch Dinner Plate + Noodle Bowl, Remo Sake Cup, Stucco Everything Bowl


I am a perfectionist but I love imperfect textures and accidents in cooking and my own art as well as others. I know that is why DBO Home's work resonates so much with me. It is the sublime balance of perfect imperfect beauty. The texture feels humble like nature. That perfect rose is not symmetrical but embraced by its own charming way to ruffle its petals in many sizes and tattered edges so it seems miraculous and unforgettable. I believe that is what good art and food does in its highest frequency and that many of the best cooks and artists are at full surrender when making those pieces or dishes that are relished forever. They are made from the moments of stillness within us that churns out your soul and truest nature because they are made in the moment and from direct connection to life's experiences.


 Above: Stucco Everything Bowls, Birch Noodle Bowl, Birch Dinner Plate

In the backdrop of the images is my wallpaper entitled, "Chitta," printed on eco-friendly metallic paper made in Connecticut. The Chitta Vritis, as they call them in the Yoga Sutras, are the fluctuations of the mind. The "Chitta" wallpaper featured in this shoot is an echo to the fluctuations and moment of the mind where we pivot and begin again. The shapes in "Chitta" wallpaper are abstract and leave space for the sweetness of creating anew much to the feeling of mid Spring and early summer. Also featured are some of my colleges which focus on the same concepts of time and space, surrender and simplicity.


Above: Stack of Stucco Everything Bowls, Remo Sake Cups, Birch Noodle Bowls

The dessert featured is a bit rustic and very easy to make. It is inspired by my plant based culinary training with Matthew Kenney.

Coconut Lemon Tart With Cacao Crust And Lavender Dust

CRUST (inspired by Matthew Kenney)
2 cups almonds, soaked and dehydrated (or simply use almond flour)
1/4 cup cacao powder
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon sea salt

Place soaked and dehydrated nuts into the food processor or the almond flour and pulse. Add remaining ingredients and pulse until mixed but not too long because you don't want nut butter. Press crust into small tart pans lined with plastic wrap or you could use a tart pan with a removable bottom id you wish.

FILLING (inspired by Meredith Baird's Book Coconut Kitchen)
3 cups young coconut meat (wash and clean off all shell pieces)
1 cup raw honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon grated lemon zest
1/2 cup melted coconut oil
pinch seas salt

Pour the coconut lemon cream filling into the tart pans. Blend all ingredients except coconut oil in a blender until smooth then add coconut oil until emulsified. Refrigerate an hour to firm or more if needed. Dust with lavender and lemon zest. You could also drizzle honey or make a lavender honey whipped cream. Enjoy within 2 days.


Above:  Birch Oval Bowl, Stucco Everything Bowls, Remo Sake Cup, Birch Noodle Bowl

Tara’s Playlist

Wes Montgomery - Four On Six
Thievery Corporation - All That We Perceive
Led Zeppelin - Rain Song
Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl
Stevie Nicks - Sorcerer (2019 remastered)
Pink Floyd - Speak to Me/Breathe
Wandering Star - Portishead
Cranberries - Twenty One
U2 - Bad
Nirvana - Come As You Are

Tara Hogan is an artist and designer living and working in Connecticut and Upstate New York. Some of her clients include: IKEA, Amber Interiors, Great Arrow Graphics, Modern Nest, Ami Vitale, Morgan Harrison Home and Design Assembly Los Angeles. Follow Tara Hogan on instagram @tulsibytarahogan.

Tara Hogan | info@tulsibyatarahogan.com tulsibytarahogan.com

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