Mariana Velasquez Tastemakers Table with DBO HOME Kashmir ceramic plates and serving dishes on a banquet table in the woods

Mariana Velasquez: Fete In The Woods

Mariana and The Brinsons capture romance in the woods and that fabulous dress.
Shown Above: Kashmir Dinner Plates, Kashmir Oval Platter, Bare Small Oval Platter

"I was thinking of creating a moment of fantasy grounded
in the reality and tangibility of taste and flavor."

Mariana Velasquez is a food stylist with more than a decade styling amongst New York’s most celebrated culinary circles and publications across the globe. A tastemaker who explores the intersection between food, fashion and art, Mariana’s work is an edible canvas where she invites the viewer to eat with their eyes.  So when she partnered with photographers William and Susan Brinson for her Tastemakers' Table collaboration we couldn't wait to see what they'd come up with.  At first glance we were reminded of John Singer Sargent's paintings.  The color and the light, the simply elegant meal, the luxe of nature - we're thrilled to share it with you.

A dusk fete in the woods.

Mariana chose a selection from our Kashmir collection for its delicate beauty and indigo accents and mixed it with a few Bare platters and bowls.  "Blue always captures my attention and I love how it compliments food so well."  She designed a menu that celebrated the wholesomeness of raw ingredients to mirror the beauty of each piece of the ceramic:  whole roasted cauliflower, ripe juicy heirloom tomatoes with stracciatella, roasted salted capons...classic flavor profiles decadent shapes, textures and setting.  An impossible/possible dinner scene where the light captured by Susan and Will made it all come to life. 

Cauliflower served in a Bare Serving Bowl.

Celebrating the ingredients with simple preparations.  Whole roasted Cauliflower, Heirloom tomatoes served with don't need much more.

Tomatoes served in a Bare Small Oval Platter. 

Mariana loves having friends over for dinner and creating a moment.  At times  it is quite formal, with ironed monogramed linen napkins, a fully set table and a few beautifully plated courses.

"I really enjoy planning every detail and the ceremony that accompanies a dinner in such fashion; dressing up for the occasion and inviting my guests to do so as well... after all taking, the time to put it all together is a way of celebrating each other's company, life, the moment–and always a good excuse for a fabulous dress."  

Another fabulous dress and Kashmir Salad Plate

Other times she goes very casual, standing and cooking cooking together in the kitchen. Apron on, barefoot or flats, people start showing up, they help chop, make tortillas, assemble dumplings or stuff fresh pasta. A casual gathering of close friends, where everyone feels at ease, we drink some wine, nibble as we go and eventually make our way to the table... which everyone helps to set and pass plates around. Platters of abundant salads and grains, crusty bread dipped in olive oil and a current favorite- orange wine in small tumblers.
Each style has its place and time. "Diego, my husband  always curates the playlist; he usually begins the night by pouring glasses of iced lillet and  a song or two by Benjamin Clementine--a musician discovered by Edward Burn in Paris' Metro–delving into Carmen Miranda and eventually working his way up to Heim or Bob Moses. Our dinner parties tend to end up with everyone dancing."


Left: The woodland table set with Kashmir and Bare Plates and Platters 
Right: Mariana holds a Kashmir XL Bowl

Mariana is a published author of two recipe books and has styled, art directed, developed recipes and collaborated on more than twenty cookbooks throughout her career. She was selected among some of the country’s best to food style American Grown, by First Lady Michelle Obama, a project that took her career into the White House kitchen and garden.

Her styling work has been featured in the New York Times, Vogue, Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, Gourmet, Wine Spectator, InStyle, amongst many others. See more of her work and follow on Instagram @marianavelasquezv


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Photography by: William And Susan Brinson.  
See more of their work, follow, follow their blog and Instagram @houseofbrinson  |




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