For us designing in collaboration is a joyful experience. When we were asked to collaborate with the creative team at Blue Hill at Stone Barns it was a dream come true. Working with such talented people, with a like-minded aesthetic, for such an extraordinary place, is undeniably spectacular. We are proud of our collaboration with Blue Hill at Stone Barns and the ideals that stand behind it. Straight from the farm to your table, literally.

"Drawn to the rustic elegance of her handmade ceramics, we first discovered local ceramicist Dana Brandwein Oates in 2009. Sharing a passion for food and a commitment to sustainability and quality, we set out to create a custom line of tableware for Blue Hill.

Our vision was simple: to bring the intricate stories of our ingredients to the table through design. Seeking ideas and inspiration, we invited Dana to join us at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and together we pressed just about every object we could find into clay—from cabbage leaves and wild strawberries, to radishes and even a pigs hoof. Then, we turned to a stalk of wheat—a beautiful ingredient that had great meaning in both our kitchen and dining room.

Grains are as central to our food system as they are to the Blue Hill dining experience. Our custom Grain Plates showcase a diversity of heirloom grains—sourced from Stone Barns, Klaas Martens of Lakeview Organic Farm, and wheat breeder Steve Jones—and capture the texture of ancient varieties like Emmer wheat and Oberkulmer spelt. Respecting nature's hand in the design process, the hand-rolled plates can only be produced at the peak of the season's wheat harvest to ensure the wheat used is ripe, plump, and sturdy enough to maintain its delicate form when pressed into clay.

Set for our bread course, the plates now mirror the story of the purposefully selected grains. Featuring subtle curved corners and a muted color palette, they represent a true collaboration between Blue Hill and DBO HOME."
- Laureen Barber

All photos, except the image above, were taken by William and Susan Brinson