Dane Tashima Emily Rickard Spontaneous Gathering Tastemakers Table with DBO HOME ceramic ice buck and porcelain pitchers on a wooden table with gray cloth and sunlight

Dane Tashima + Emily Rickard: Spontaneous Gathering

With one conversation I felt like I had known photographer Dane Tashima and stylist/ art director Emily Rickard for years. We connected via Instagram and email and finally face to face in New York.  At that moment I felt like I was seeing old friends I hadn't seen in forever though it was our very first meeting.  

Following both Dane and Emily on Instagram, I fell in love with the way these two creative forces set a scene.  Romantic, modern and fresh, their images of spaces, still lives and food are intoxicating.  So when they chose a wide mix from our range I couldn't wait to see how they'd put it all together.

Emily tells the story...

The idea behind this Tastemakers' Table was to take the ‘dinner table’ into a more open and airy space and work with the concept loosely, rather than traditionally. 

In a Brooklyn loft…. working with the DBO HOME pieces not only in a sense of tabletop but also as sculptural objects. Playing with the light and space, the shadows they cast and shapes they make. Looking at them in their simple beauty. 

on the table: Battuto Ice Bucket, Remo Tray, Pitcher and Sake Pitcher , Pinch serving pieces, Bare and Mahru dinnerware, Stake Bronze Candlesticks, Mend plate

Pairing with Home Stories in Brooklyn we brought in more unique, European pieces taking us a little away from your typical Brooklyn.  (note from Dana:  "I've been coveting that pendant for ages, what a happy surprise to see it in the mix.")

For the moodier hues, we teamed up with Ellie Cashman Design to create a deep and lustrous dinner mood. Using wallpaper as a runner and brings a little edge to this table setting. 

on the table: Bare Dinner and Salad Plates, Bare Soup Bowl all in mussel, Remo Long Tray, Remo Sake Pitcher.  Ellie Cashman floral wallpaper.

Entertaining, for some; can be often on a whim; spontaneous -  a thrown together gathering. It most definitley is for me. This often leads me to pull in various items, curios and objects you may not normally find on a dinner table. A mixing of ‘stuff’ to create a relaxed and inviting setting. Mixing darks and lights, high end with more accessible, and aiming for a perfect balance for entertaining. 

A friend once said.. always set an extra place at the table… in case anyone unexpected drops by… beautiful advice. And I always try to..... 

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Dane Tashima and Emily Rickard photography and styling clients include West Elm, Target, Anthology and Kinfolk.  To see their work or to get in touch with them directly head to their websites Dane Tashima  and Emily Rickard.  For more inspiration follow their Instagram accounts (you won't be disappointed) @danetashima and @emilyrickardstylist.               

All photography by Dane Tashima
Styling and Art Direction by Emily Rickard



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