[READY TO SHIP] Battuto Vase

$ 150.00

Ready to ship from our studio shelves

The Battuto Vase is a beautiful object all on it's own but, add flowers and you've got a wonderful statement piece.  Uneven facets and a simple shape combined with lovely glaze options make this a standout piece to love and use daily.

The mussel glaze has bit of metallic sheen.  The snowflake glaze has a satin finish. Small organic specs may appear on the snowflake glaze, we do not consider these flaws.
Our ceramics are handcrafted from durable, high quality porcelain. Our glazes are food safe and lead free. 

If this fits safely in your dishwasher, go for it.  If not we recommend hand wash.

Dimension: 7" x 5"x 9.5"