Town + Country Rope Dog Leash

$ 52.00
Color: Orange

We love this rope dog leash!  

Hand-knotted by Keith the Knot Guy in Charleston, South Carolina. This standard 6 foot leash has two handles. It's made of soft-in-your-hand but super strong Dacron. The second handle is placed 30 inches from the clip for easy control without winding the leash around your hand.

The bright orange leash is a lovely offset to our natural leather collar and they'll definitely see you coming.

Coming soon: forest green! It looks equally lovely with our Ruby leather collar but a bit more subtle.

Tested on our own Finn, an English Setter that gets very excited at the site of a squirrel, this leash doesn't stop pulling but it surely makes it easier for me to keep him close when needed and let him have some space too.  

Meet the maker: Sailor Craft Knots